If you manage better, you get more done! It’s a simple truth, and the guiding management philosophy at Kirby Electric, where we’ve had great success with a decentralized decision-making process. All project managers have been carefully requited, trained, and empowered to interact directly with engineers, architects and owners. While the home office is kept very much “in-the-loop”, most decisions can be made, and problems resolved by the project managers. We find that this minimizes bureaucratic delays, and keeps the job moving on schedule.

Sweat the details... get it right.

That sums up the attitude of the estimators at Kirby. Supported by highly computerized estimating programs and job costing systems, Kirby estimators often meet in the dedicated estimating conference room, affectionately known as the “War Room”. Here, estimates are reviewed, revised, scrutinized and debated by the entire staff before final submission.

Electrical Contracting Project Planning & Estimates

Scheduling & Coordination

At Kirby, we believe the most critical management function in electrical contracting is job scheduling. Completing a job on-time and on-budget requires tremendous coordination of people and equipment - and our track record speaks for itself. Highly experienced in Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling, the Kirby management team draws upon years of training and the latest in computerized software to develop comprehensive workflow schedules. As the job progresses, these schedules are constantly monitored and updated. Any complications or changes that might affect the timetable can be quickly addressed.

Safety = Success

Beyond the obvious moral concern for the well-being of our employees, we believe a sound safety program makes sound business sense. Effective safety procedures result in less downtime - reduced liability - lower workers’ comp costs - less risk of OSHA violations. So, we have installed a highly pro-active safety program, with a tolerance goal of zero accidents. Along with weekly “toolbox talks” at the job site, we have a company-wide Safety Incentives and Awards Program. These efforts have resulted in an overall safety record that is 22% better than the national average.

Kirby Electric, Inc.